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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Not Nothing

The fear based religions are certainly not doing the planet any good anymore (if ever they did.) The problem is they lock generations in with fear. Searching and questioning are really not allowed. They say THIS is the book - Koran, Bible, Old Testament, and THESE are the laws, because people so much smarter than you have determined them. If you want the very most painful, awful, torturous fate imaginable for all eternity, then just go ahead and question. Oh, and by the way, we'll make this life miserable for you as well.   
 In South Carolina where I live, it's social suicide to admit you aren't Christian. (I'm socially dead, by the way.) I complained about meetings at my state job being opened with a prayer - always a Christian prayer. I was openly Pantheist. I asked, then told people to stop trying to save my soul. I was told by my boss in a meeting not to question what would become of my job because "Jesus, my Lord and savior is where I put my trust and I don't worry." I objected to that. I paid a big price for all of it. Of course, you can't be fired for that, but they can make it so miserable that you run screaming from the building. 

Many people will agree with me that they revere Nature, but they continue to feed and be fed by fear based religion. They say they just go for the ritual, for the comfort, for the community. They don't recycle or capture rain water. They continue to eat a meat-based diet and use toxic chemicals in their homes and farms that poison ground water. They water their unnatural lawns with drinkable water and mow them with fume and noise-belching machines. They fight with leaves in Autumn with noisy machines and then burn them in great piles until the other animals and I can't breathe. They fill their minds with junk and their bodies with junk carried home in plastic bags that they toss in the garbage.

And with smiling faces they tell me that I can't change the world. That my little amount of recycling, and my personal ban of toxins and my little garden watered with rainwater are nothing. They are embarrassed when I sift through their or public garbage sorting out what can be recycled. They are embarrassed by my second hand clothes and my reuse of things. They are embarrassed by my tears when I lose a tree or see an animal mistreated.
Well, I am NOT embarrassed.  I am proud to be Pantheist.  But I need encouragement from other Pantheists and open-minded thinkers.  I need to know I'm not alone and that the little ways I love Earth are not nothing.
Maybe when we all are a little more visible we will be a little more accepted.  Maybe people will follow our lead and do little things to love the Earth, too. 

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  1. You wrote you need encouragement from other pantheists, so here I am, encouraging. I don't know if I told you, you were in a blog post I wrote a few months ago.