New Beginnings

Of poets, scientists, and stars.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm Already Here

My death becomes my marriage with the Earth,
My lover and provider since my birth.
See me in my wedding gown of dewy spring green leaves,
And a million stars will dance with me above the summer breeze.

Celebrate my wedding with me, friends

With every grand beginning something ends.
See me learning how to fly when Autumn twirls the dry leaves by,
And winter writes my poems on glass again. 

If a crow descends,  calls something out to you,
You will know forever if it’s true.
I will be that message or if the mountains want to share
A secret with you, you’ll know I am there 

In the river ever changing and the same
Across the meadow you may hear your name.
The silver liquid moonlight and the buttery warm sun,
Will breathe for me when my breath is done.
So you see, no mourning is required,
A new adventure takes me ever higher.
There is no such thing as death,
Nothing left to fear.
I won’t return to Earth, my friends,
I’m already here.

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